For your wedding, baptism, Mitzvah or other events, hire Italcan Video for your wedding videography needs. Our skilled professionals have been around wedding for a long time, and know what you want to be on film. A wedding videographer will come to your wedding venue and film the whole event, from day to night. Afterwards, our amazing team of videographers will work with you to determine what should and shouldn't be kept on your wedding production. They can even add a soundtrack to your production if you like, from romantic ballads to traditional wedding music from your country. At Italcan Video, our wedding videographers don't consider you wedding video just a video. We consider it a special wedding DVD production, that is meant to be passed down for generations. You want to be proud to share your memories with your loved ones, and you will definitely be proud of the result if you hire us! Your wedding video production can be made available to you shortly after your wedding. However, if you choose to have your production edited in a certain way, it will take a little longer until you see the end result.

  • All events are videotaped with professional 3CCD digital cameras and wireless microphones to insure perfect picture and sound quality throughout the production.
  • All editing will be done on the latest digital non-linear editing system, so there will be virtually no loss in quality from the original footage to your edited master.
  • You are cordially invited to participate in the editing of your entire production from start to finish, this way you are able to choose from the many special effects, 3D animation and music in order to achieve your desired results.
  • Find out why other companies have made Italcan Video their #1 Choice.

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